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About Us

Established in 2011, Shanghai Oceanhood Opto-electronics Tech Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company specializing in R&D, production and sales of optical instruments, optoelectronic modules, spectrum analysis, and Raman systems. The products of our company cover a wide range of product lines including Raman systems, fluorescence systems, frequency-stablized lasers, fiber optic probes, fiber spectrometers, and sampling accessories. It is a comprehensive photovoltaic module, optical instrument, scientific instrument, and spectrum solution. Solution provider. The company is currently the largest supplier of Raman core components, complete OEMs, complete ODM components and Raman inspection solutions in China.

The company is headquartered in Shanghai's Pudong New Area, under the Shanghai R & D Center, Shanghai Machine Manufacturing Center and Ningbo Optical Probe Manufacturing Factory three branches, the company focuses on research and development, adhere to independent innovation, has the world's leading semiconductor laser, optical fiber probe, spectrum Detection technology and Raman detection R&D and manufacturing technology. We have accumulated rich experience in product research and development, technical services, and integrated system integration. We have successfully provided advanced technical solutions and high-quality products to many customers in different fields at home and abroad.

The company's products have been widely used in security law enforcement, customs supervision, gem identification, food safety, cancer diagnosis, life sciences, online medical control, biochemical analysis, chemical process control, and scientific research instruments and other fields and industries. The company has established a deep strategic partnership with a number of research institutes of Chinese Academy of Sciences, universities and well-known optical instrument manufacturers at home and abroad in order to provide customers and partners with lasers in a stable and consistent manner. And spectrum total solution.


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